Is Tamar Valley an actual place?

It sure is! The Tamar Valley is a beautiful region of Tasmania, running between Launceston and the Bass Strait.

Where does the milk used in the Tamar Valley Dairy range come from?

All Tamar Valley Dairy products are produced here, in the Tamar Valley, Tasmania. We’re proud to call the Tamar Valley home and 100% of the milk used to make Tamar Valley Dairy yoghurt is sourced from local Tasmanian dairy farmers, who produce high-quality fresh milk.

Is Tamar Valley Dairy yoghurt made with pasteurised milk?

Absolutely. We can confirm that the milk used to make the Tamar Valley Dairy range has been pasteurised.

Does the packaging used for the Tamar Valley Dairy range contain BPAs?

NO! All Tamar Valley Dairy packaging is BPA-free.

Is the Tamar Valley Dairy packaging recyclable?

All packaging from the Tamar Valley Dairy range should be disposed of thoughtfully. Tubs should be rinsed and placed in your recycling bin. Unfortunately, yoghurt pouches cannot currently be recycled via your weekly council collection.

Does Tamar Valley Dairy offer a range suited for children?

We do. Our Tamar Valley Dairy Kids range has been created specifically to suit the needs of your family’s youngest members and contains no added sugar or sweetener.

Is the Tamar Valley Dairy range gluten free?

We can happily confirm that our range is gluten free.

Does the Tamar Valley range contain lactose?

As a natural dairy product, the Tamar Valley Dairy range does contain lactose.

Our range is made with fresh milk sourced directly from the Tamar Valley in Tasmania, which makes it unsuitable for vegans.  It is however, free from other animal products, which makes it perfect for vegetarians.

How can I get in touch with the Tamar Valley Team?

The best way to get in touch is via this website and our ‘Contact’ tab. If you would like to speak with a member of our team over the phone, our Customer Care team can be reached on 1800 676 961.