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Which yoghurt is the best for my body?

Never has a social media post got so much attention as the mere mention of a yoghurt review last week. What this suggests to me is that there is not only interest in the ‘best commercial products, but we are looking for healthier options in general. There are literally hundreds of yoghurts available in supermarkets, and the tiny labels on the back, along with differing serving sizes, makes it almost impossible to determine which is the ‘best’ or ‘better’ choice.
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The biggest difference between yoghurts is that there is an emerging range of Greek style yoghurts, along with a reduction in ‘diet yoghurts that have traditionally used sweetener to lower their kj and sugar content. As a general rule of thumb, Greek style yoghurts are higher in protein, thanks to the straining process which sees excess whey removed, and results in thicker, stronger tasting yoghurt. Nutritionally, this results in a better product and is also putting pressure on yoghurt producers to lighten the carb and sugar content of all yoghurts in general.
Overall, the results from this review are unlikely to surprise you, but it is always nice to see the numbers summarised, which is also likely to make a trip to the yoghurt section of the supermarket a lot quicker. So lets take a look at which yoghurt is healthiest.

All nutritionals are based per 100g.